The secret added value of rain gutters

Every year in Arizona the monsoon comes around. This year, like every other, we are telling anyone who is willing to listen how important rain gutters are as part your home’s storm protection plan.

The monsoon is actually a season, represented by a change in the weather patterns, that brings high winds and torrential rains to the valley of the sun.  The dry winds from the west and southwest shift to the south and southeast, bringing moisture from the Gulf of California.  This moisture plus intense summer heat is just what a storm needs to get started.

This year in Phoenix, Arizona we have already experienced some very heavy rain.  Storms have dumped large amounts of rain water on our properties as high winds scattered debris across our homes and yards.  Living in these kinds of weather conditions necessitates the need for rain gutters to adequately storm proof your home and protect its foundations from destructive water.

The good news is that rain gutters are not just a practical addition to your home.  As well as protecting and preventing significant damage, they also add value to your property and are a great way to be more green!

Rain gutters add value to your home
As well as actively protecting your home, rain gutters actually add value!  Available in a wide range of colors you can now select gutters that complement the design and architecture of your home, creating a style statement or appearing almost invisible as they blend in with the paint color of your home.  All this while helping you avoid expensive bills due to water damage.  It’s a win-win! 

Rain gutters are environmentally friendly
Also, rain gutters are a great way to be more green.  Easy to install water catchment systems allow you to capture and recycle water.  In the desert water is precious and a simple catchment system provides much needed water for your garden.

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