How to find a licensed patio contractor in Arizona

Licensing requirements for patio contractors vary from state to state. Some states require licensing while others require registration.

Licensing involves a process of passing exams and also meeting specific criteria in order to prove competency in a trade or range of trades.

Registration, on the other hand, is a written record of who is performing the work.  Registration does not guarantee that that person or company is either an expert or competent in the trade.

When searching for the right company to build a patio for your home it is essential to ensure that the team you are entrusting to work on your property are fully licensed and meet the state requirements.

Here are three steps to help you choose a fully licensed and reputable patio cover company.

  1. Find out state licensing requirements: Before selecting a contractor you should find out the licensing requirements for your state. If you don’t know the requirements and employ an unlicensed company you could face fines, or even worse create a dangerous situation at your home.
  2. Find out if the company is fully licensed: With a licensed contractor you know that the team working on your home are fully trained and able to complete the job safely, to state required specifications.
  3. Check for complaints: As a consumer you have the right to check to see if the company you are planning on hiring has ever had any complaints filed against them.

In the state of Arizona, the Registrar of Contractors issues licenses to contractors for commercial and residential work. The licenses cover a range of trades, including residential contracting, and building patio covers.

Booth Built Patio Products is very proud to be fully licensed in the state of Arizona.  Since being founded in 1982, and with more than 5000 homes improved, Booth Built has never received a complaint.  The whole Booth Built team takes great pride in ensuring all state regulations and requirements are adhered to from the start to finish of all jobs.  The company has also been BBB Accredited since September 2006, with an A+ rating.

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