Privacy Panels

Backyard privacy is an issue for many homes. Perhaps a neighbor recently cut down some large trees, or added a second story master-suite that overlooks your patio area. Or maybe you are fed up with the view of the concrete wall, or you live in a modern new build where the neighbors are closer than you would like.

Privacy panels are a great solution for added privacy while you relax and entertain on your patio. Many colors, materials, and styles are available so you can choose a panel that perfectly complements the style of your home, while giving you the privacy you are looking for.

These panels look elegant and stylish, and can be added to both sides of your patio or just one. They can work to completely block a neighbors’ view, so they cannot see onto your patio, even if they have a double story with windows that overlook.

The slatted design of the panels work to create the perfect level of shade while letting light in, and keeping your patio area private. The panel acts as a ‘visual buffer’, creating privacy easily and efficiently, using the existing structure of your patio.

The addition of a privacy panel also helps to create an intimate, outdoor room atmosphere for your patio area. Perfect for outdoor lounging, eating, and entertaining.

The panels are extremely durable and designed to withstand all types of weather, including excessive heat experienced in the Arizona area at times. As an added bonus the materials chosen for your privacy panel can be complementary to your existing patio structure, creating a very professional, upgraded look that adds value to your home.

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