Installing a Privacy Panel

There is now no need for you to suffer ugly views, or worry about your next-door neighbors seeing into your yard. Privacy walls are easily installed and can be built to complement existing patios and the architecture of your home. They are also a great way to create dedicated spaces in your back-yard to add personality, privacy, and design features.

Brick and stone walls are expensive to build, and can appear heavy within a backyard landscape. A privacy wall, on the other hand, adds seclusion while complementing the look and feel of your existing patio and back-yard space. The walls, made from a variety of materials, can easily be added to an existing deck, or patio, or attached to the wall of your home.

Slatted privacy walls are a great option, letting light through while still providing privacy and blocking out noise. They are also a great way to block out excessive sun and unwanted glare, particularly if your patio and back-yard are south facing.

Customizing your back yard space to fit the needs of your family is easy with privacy walls. Additional privacy adds a lot of comfort to your back-yard experience.

Installation is easy and convenient, call the Booth Built team today to find out more.

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