Roll Up Shades & Screens

There are a lot of reasons why roll up or roll down shades and screens are a great choice for your home, particularly in the ‘Valley of the Sun’ and Arizona.

Many uses & options for Roll Up Shades
These shades offer excellent flexibility, allowing you to be the master of your home environment. With just one easy motion, you can raise or lower the shades, with a hand crank or electronically, instantly taking control of the amount of light coming in to your home.

Roll up shades can be used for most any window, ranging from a minimum size of 6ft. x 6ft up to a maximum size of 20ft wide. This allows you to decorate your whole home with shades, or one or two rooms, whatever works for you.

The materials offered are also extremely flexible, ranging from 90%-95% density, allowing you to select a light effect that works for you and your home. Choosing the right density of fabric can really help to minimize glare on electronic screens, and protect your furniture from direct sunlight, while still letting natural light in.

Keep your home cool
Roll up shades also help control your home’s temperature. Choose from a wide range of materials to block light, create shade, and lower A/C costs. In Arizona and other sunny climates, this flexibility and added value can be taken advantage of all year round. If you are particularly concerned about UV light, you can select a material that allows some light through, but blocks out UV rays. This allows you to comfortably enjoy natural light within your home, while protecting your family and furniture from damage from UV rays.

Choose your color & fabric
When it comes to matching the interior design and decor of your home, there are a wide range of fabrics and styles to choose from. Talk with our expert for details and to look at a full range of options. We will be happy to work with you to find a look that perfectly complements your home.

Make things easy with Home Automation
Premium choices also include motorized roll down shades and screens. These retractable shades are quick and easy to install. With the touch of a button you create the perfect home environment, without leaving the couch. These shades take little to no maintenance, making this a really cost-effective choice. Many of our client’s choose to automate the operation of their shades and are so happy they added this extra convenience.

Take a look at Roll Up & Roll Down Shades we’ve installed in Phoenix homes.


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