Roll-Down Shades

Roll-Down Shades are a fantastic functional addition to any home. They can be installed indoors or outdoors; keeping your home cool and protecting you from the suns’ rays. The shades also add a design element to your home. Already a popular choice for offices and workspaces, roll-down shades are now becoming a fashionable choice for homes. Your selection of roll-down shades can complement your decor and there is a wide range of fabrics and colors to choose from. Some brands even come with child breakaway safety cords and automated roll-down shades are available for large windows or outdoor spaces. Easy to use roll-down shades are designed to withstand frequent use, and roll up and down easily with minimum effort on your part.

We all know that over exposure to the sun can be dangerous. The addition of roll-down shades to an outdoor patio or living space allows you and your family to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful weather while feeling safely protected from the sun. Roll-Down Shades filter out harmful UV rays and gently filter the light, rather than completely blocking it out, so you can enjoy a beautiful bright day on your patio and know that you are comfortable and protected from the suns’ harmful rays.

The installation of interior roll-down shades also protects you from the suns rays while still allowing light into your home. The shades not only block up to 90% of solar rays, they can also reduce temperatures inside your home by up to 30 degrees. These two factors can dramatically lower your air conditioning bill, and help create a more stable ambient temperature in your home. Another bonus of roll-down shades is that they protect your home furnishings from harmful sunshine that can fade fabric colors and create permanent sun damage. Through filtering the light, roll-down shades also reduce glare on televisions and other electronic devices, so no need to move from your comfortable position on the couch while using your laptop, just roll down the shades.

When selecting the fabric for your roll-down shades keep in mind the decor of your home, the amount of light filtration you would like, and your privacy needs. Fabric choice allows you to dictate how much light you would like filtered out so you can create the perfect ambience indoor or out. It also allows you to determine whether you would like complete privacy with no one able to see in from outside or partial privacy. Your color choice can complement your existing decor or create a color accent within your home.

The simplest method for installation is to work with a company that specializes in roll-down shades to install the shades for you. This will ensure minimum mess in your home and a professional look once installed. Outdoor fabrics are made from a strong vinyl coated polyester fabric which is mildew resistant and very durable, only requiring occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

Roll-Down Shades may well be the most functional and fashionable window covering around.

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