What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Sunrooms: Perfecting Nature

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Sunroom additions rank in the top seven home improvement projects, according to a recent Remodelers Council report. It adds more space to the home and increases the homes’ curb appeal on resale, helping the sunroom to return what realtors estimate as 80-100% of its original investment value, depending on location and other factors.

Picking the Best Sunroom for You

So you’re ready to shop for a sunroom. The first step is to think about your needs first. Then find the best quality sunroom that you can afford that matches how you intend to use it.

Are you looking for comfort and protection during the times you would typically choose to be outdoors? Or are you looking for a room to use throughout more days of the year? Once you know, compare products and features.

Here are some tips:

  • All well-built sunrooms should include thermal insulation in the wall and roof systems. Sunrooms can contain varying degrees and types of insulation designed for light duty or super duty protection against the elements. Look for an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) thermal structural foam compressed to 2-lb minimum density for maximum thermal performance.
  • Window system options include single-pane glass or insulated glass for a higher level of protection against the weather. Ensure that screens are a high quality for long life. All glass should have integrated UV protection to reduce the damage to interior furnishings caused by the sun.
  • Consider the type of material used to cover any exterior and interior wall surfaces. Aluminum skins are easily scratched, dented and discolored over the years. Look for a product with a surface that resists damage and discoloration, cleans easily, and blocks UV penetration that can cause the skin to delaminate from its insulation core.
  • Know the room’s engineering certifications. Is the structure designed and certified by national agencies to withstand snow loads and wind? Are the windows, one of the most important features of the sunroom, certified by AAMA – the American Architectural Manufacturers Association – to meet standards for performance, safety and construction?
  • Compare warranties. Many companies offer warranties that cover the owner for only 10 years, and are not transferable. Transferring the warranty to a new owner is a tangible plus on the resale of your home. And, the longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the room. Look for rooms with lifetime warranties.

The Sunroom Design Process

Professional sunroom builders are trained in the nuances of sunroom design and construction. Designers can offer expertise on the right room size, location and design layout to meet your intended use and budget.

They also guide you through the wide selection of choices and styles best suited for your home. The roof styles alone may include a studio, cathedral, split-level, solarium or conservatory.

With today’s advances in technology, engineering and design, coupled with the benefits of enjoying the outdoors in a protected, environment-controlled space – it’s little wonder that the sunroom’s popularity is increasing.

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