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Sunrooms & Enclosures

Want More Space?


By adding a Patio Enclosure it can be an exiting way to enjoy the outdoors.
You’ll add wonderful new space for so many reasons.

  • A room just to relax in
  • Enjoy having your breakfast, lunch
    or dinner outdoors
  • A playroom for the kids and grandkids
  • Enjoy reading a good book
  • Holiday Seasons and Birthday’s
  • Your personal workout room
  • Protected space for your loving pets
  • Space to grow your plants
  • Office space
  • Entertainment

Which Is Your Favorite Sunroom?


Perfecting Nature Right in Your Own Backyard?

Sunrooms rank in the top 7 homeowner project according to Remodelers Council report. Sunrooms add additional living space while increasing the home value. Realtors estimate 80% – 100% return on investment value, depending on location and other factors.

Our customers who are enjoying their Sunrooms were looking for comfort, protection from the desert heat and additional living space indoors without the outdoor elements.

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Sunroom Engineering Certifications


Sunrooms: Perfecting Nature

What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Sunroom additions rank in the top seven home improvement projects, according to a recent Remodelers Council report. It adds more space to the home and increases the homes’ curb appeal on resale, helping the sunroom to return what realtors estimate as 80-100% of its original investment value, depending on location and other factors.

For more information on selecting the best sunroom for your home, you can call Booth Built Patio Products at (623) 979-3339 or email us for a quote.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy