Patio Covers

A patio cover is a tasteful and stylish addition to any home, enhancing your outdoor living space, providing comfortable shade, and adding value to your home. It creates an additional living space, where you can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors in comfort. Perfect for entertaining, enjoying the outdoors with your family, and relaxing in peace.

Gone are the days of wooden patio structures that warp, rot, require frequent maintenance, and begin to look unsightly after a few years. Patio covers are now made from advanced materials that require little attention from you, and are long lasting. There is no need for repairs or repainting, and a quick hose down with water will keep the cover clean and looking spectacular. The roof panels are insulated and laminated, and made with an expanded polystyrene core sandwiched between embossed aluminum panels. The flat pan cover is designed with a heavy-gauge aluminum, ensuring the structure is built to last. There is even a lifetime warranty on the paint. So rather than spending time taking care of your patio cover, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the shade of a structure that will last a lifetime and add real value to your home!

Each cover is custom designed and built to meet your needs. You can even select how much shade you would like. Choose a solid cover for full shade, or a lattice design for 40% – 60% shade. Another option is to use a mixture of solid and lattice covering to create a unique look, and choose which areas of your patio you would like to be shaded from the sun.

The covers come in a range of 7 neutral colors so you will be sure to find one that perfectly complements your home. You can also select from 4 end-cut options; scallop, bevel, corbel, or miter. With all this choice you can select a design that perfectly fits your outdoor lifestyle, and complements the design of your home. A patio cover can really transform the exterior look of your home, enhancing the architecture, and adding value to your home.

They also save energy! The shade created by the cover not only creates a comfortable outdoor living space for you and your family, it also cools the adjacent area of your house, reducing heat, and reducing energy bills.

Another fantastic feature is that they are already engineered to meet city codes, and are designed to be HOA friendly. The design and installation of a patio cover is truly a hassle free home improvement.

Enhance your lifestyle with the addition of a stylish outdoor living space that is perfectly shaded from the elements!

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