Glass Patio Enclosures

The patio area, where inside living meets the great outdoors is a private, intimate space that can be maximized for year round use and comfort by the addition of a glass patio enclosure, bringing the joy of the outdoors right into your home. The added living space can be used to entertain, exercise, grow plants, relax with your morning coffee, or to simply enjoy the outdoors without the inconvenience of rain, sun exposure, dust and insects. Adding this unique living space, where the indoors and backyard meet, is a sound investment that adds value, style, and space to your home.

These stylish enclosures are designed to be used all year round and can be custom built to meet your needs. The clear glass panels provide maximum visibility while protecting you from dust and insects. With a patio enclosure you can enjoy beautiful views of your backyard in comfort no matter what the weather is, and you get the feeling of being outdoors while being totally in control of the elements. Come rain or shine your unique outdoor living space is a place of comfort and enjoyment. In a very hot climate like Arizona, a sunroom is a very practical addition to any home, and a space where you can still enjoy the outdoors no matter how extreme the temperatures.

Glass patio enclosures are a long-term addition to your home, designed for you and your family and friends to enjoy for years to come with minimum upkeep or maintenance. They are built to last using strong aluminum and steel frames. A special coating is used to protect the surface from scratching, fading, and chipping;thus ensuring your beautiful sunroom looks stylish for you and your guests, and will remain in peak condition if you ever sell your home. The use of insulated wall cores and roof systems ensure the structure is energy efficient, and the addition of solar screens not only protects you from solar rays but can also save you money on energy costs. The enclosures aredesigned to be easily wired for lighting and the safe installation of electrical wiring.

Easy to operate doors and screens mean you can make the room work for you with ease, opening up screens to let in air or keeping the enclosure secure. Glass patio enclosures are fully secure structures, using steel or aluminum frames, and tempered safety glass. They are also lockable, keeping your home safe and giving you peace of mind.

Glass patio enclosures are very affordable and come in a wide range of colors and styles. Different styles are available so that your patio enclosure can perfectly match and complement the architectural design, and age of your home. There are beautiful design features and accents to choose from too that can really make your sunroom stand out. For example, curved glass in the front, all glass or partial glass roofs, or optional roof fans. With a custom fit glass patio enclosure you can truly model your new living space so that it complements your home, matches your budget, and enhances your lifestyle!

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