Booth Built Patio Products help reduce Heat, Block Damaging Sunlight

Homes in warmer climates often lack an essential element: Enough shade. One West Valley company, has helped thousands of homeowners make up for this deficit.

Booth Built Patio Products of lattice- or solid-patio roofs, glass or screen enclosures, privacy panels and roll-down shades, all in a multitude of color and cut options, offer great respite from the sun.

Product assurance lies in the name. Booth Built explains the “who,” not the “how,” for creating those lasting results. This family-owned business of five Booths, along with six other staff members, custom-design each product to suit the customer’s needs and budget. There are no cookie-cutter-like structures made at a warehouse by day laborers.

Tom Booth is company owner with his wife Donna, assisted by Tom’s brother Chris, and Tom’s sons Erik and Brian. Joe Kreckman is the Construction Coordinator. Sheri Kenar, often the pleasant voice on the phone, works in the Production Department, and three fulltime crews change glaring rays into cooling shade.

“The open lattice roof is our most popular product,” Tom says. “We design that product with a varying amount of coverage.”

“When we design a 2-inch-lattice spacing, it gives 60% shade when the sun is straight overhead. If we space it at an inch-and-a-half, it gives 65% shade. Then, if someone has a harsh exposure, we can build a one-inch-spaced lattice, which gives 70% shade, or we can go to a solid roof.”

Tom admits his experience came mainly on the job. Yet, his work ethic was taught by his parents, who raised him to follow the Golden Rule of treating others with dignity. And his listening skills were garnered from the advice of Steve Shapiro, who wrote “Listening for Success.”

“The short answer for why we’ve been successful for so many years,” Tom states, “is because everyone’s function here is, very simply, to do what it takes to get and keep customers. We put service before self, maintain a high level of integrity, and ensure excellence in all that we do. Seventy percent of our business is from referrals.”

Company leaders Tom and Donna balance each other’s strengths.

“I have a love of numbers that probably came from my father who did income taxes,” says Donna, who for the last 10 years has done all the bookkeeping, tracks the marketing, and provides information for the Board, among other details. Previously, for 32 years, she did bookkeeping for a retail grocer.

“I don’t like bookkeeping,” Tom says emphatically.

Donna immediately speaks up, though, and clarifies one thing about Tom. He recently visualized and helped create a sophisticated, color-coded database, which gives the company an edge over other competitors.

“The purpose of our new technology is it gives us an investment for our future,” says Tom. “We can now more efficiently serve our customers and then also be able to work with even more customers very effectively. The software streamlines what we do, eliminates duplicate data, saves time, and cuts down on the amount of manual paperwork.”

The couple agreed that time plays a very crucial role in their business.

“We think of every contact with our customer as an appointment, whether it’s for a sales, installation or service call,” Tom relates. “We always set time to meet and speak about customers’ priorities. We keep them constantly informed throughout the construction process. We also contact them the minute there is an unforeseen delay, either in permitting or from another contractor.”

Booth Built Patio Products can give a home more enjoyable, functional space, while providing protection from harmful rays to the skin and home-furnishings, while aiding energy efficiency, and also boosting the home’s aesthetic appeal and overall value.

A look at this company’s community standing and customer reviews will substantiate that Booth Built Patio Products has been a longtime leader in the industry – astoundingly without one complaint.

See Booth Built’s work and warranty details by logging onto Also view the site’s Before & After project photos to imagine your own yard transformation. You may call the team, Monday through Friday, at 623-979-3339 to set an appointment for a free design consultation. Look for their ad in this issue for additional information.

Written by Pamela Holechek and published in the West Valley Star.

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